I Buy Broken Music GearI offer parts for sale here @ KJA's Corner Store that are used in the repair videos I've made on Youtube. I also sell used music and electronics equipment as available - you know, things like guitar stomp boxes, older guitars, rack effects, and sometime synths.

And, yes - I will buy broken gear or, on occasion, repair your broken gear.

Besides being able to buy parts, your patronage will get you limited email support for the items you've purchased, and other technical issues you may be having. I've been doing this since the '70s and have seen a lot so there's a good chance I've run up across it before. 

With newer gear most problems seem to focus around the connectors and the power supplies. With older gear, the problems can be anywhere from bad micros, to faulty ram, to burned transistors, to faulty capacitors... 

Before you toss it ask me - I might have a good solution for you.


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